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  Shaoxing Dongxing Machinery Co., Ltd (Hereafter "Dongxi-ng") was built in 1995. We have been supplying many kinds of Garage Door Hardware, Trailer Coupler, Jack Stand, Ste-el Tower Hardware and Fasteners for many years. Our relia-ble ensures the quality and safety of all items we supply.
  Dongxing has more than 40 sets of general device, speci-al device and auxiliary device. Our annual output can be more than 4,500 tons.
  Dongxing would like to cooperate with the trade/manufac-turing companies around the world. You will be satisfied with our quick response and action on your inquiries, as well as our after-sales services.
  Dongxing is located in Shaoxing, Zhejiang is a beautiful city in southern area of Changjiang River. It's very conv-enient for you to visit us from Shanghai, Hangzhou or Nin-gbo via the freeways. We thank you for visiting our websi-te and sincerely welcome you to visit our factory.
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